Field of Green 2 Slots

Field of Green 2 Slots
There are some slot games that are so well known that we just have to test them out. Field of Green 2 is one of those slots. We heard about the slot several times before deciding that we had to test it out for ourselves. Having played the original Field of Green slot, we were interested in what this game would have to offer. Along with the football theme of the slot game itself, this slot comes packed with plenty of exciting features to play around with. We put together a review of all the slot has to offer and serious gamblers should read through it to learn if this is a slot they should be playing.

Placing an Initial Wager

We were impressed by the good range of bet options offered by Field of Green 2 the slot game. In this slot there are 20 variable paylines, which means that you can turn the number of lines that you play on up or down to different levels. For more opportunities to win prizes with every spin turn the paylines up. For fewer opportunities and more affordable wagering turn the number of lines down. Each line accepts a single wager that goes from $0.01 to $5.00. That means you can bet between $0.01 and $100.00 per spin in Field of Green 2. That’s a good betting range to work within and thanks to that range it’s possible to play comfortably whether you have a bunch of money or a small amount.

Decent Top Payout

There are three payouts that are pretty decent in this slot game. The best payout comes from the football player symbols. Get five of them and you’ll be looking at a 4,000 coin payout which is worth up to $20,000. The next best prize that you can win comes from five helmet symbols which are worth 1,000 coins. Finally you have the whistles. Five whistles are worth 500 coins. These prizes get even more exciting and useful when you activate them with a wild symbol.

Winning More with Wilds

The trophy symbol is the wild in this slot game and it can help you win more money each time that you unlock a payout. As long as you make use of the wild to help complete your winning combination of symbols, your payout will be doubled in value. That means that the best prizes that you can get from this slot game during the regular rounds all include a wild trophy symbol. The wild will help double even the most valuable symbols and help you complete the best payouts that you can every time that you play.

Random Jackpot Wins

In Field of Green 2 you’ll see a jackpot amount listed in the thousands of dollars the entire time you play. That’s the random progressive jackpot and its only going to increase in value as you play. There is no special trick that you have to do to win this jackpot. There isn’t’ a symbol combination and anyone playing can win the money. To win, you just need to spin the reel and trigger the jackpot. It will pay after your spin and you could win at any moment while you are playing. That’s the excitement of this slot game.

Win Big with the Bonus

The Field of Green 2 bonus round is a chance to win big. The bonus round triggers when you have three or more scatter symbols. From the moment that bonus round triggers, you’ll be presented with different opportunities to win prizes. You’ll need to select different options and this will give you more free spins or up to a 100x payout from the slot. The free spin number will be between 5 and 20 after you go through the initial phase of the bonus. Any free spins that you get are a chance to win even more cash and will lead you to the biggest jackpot opportunities in the game. Any win that you get during a free spin round is tripled in size. That makes free spins the most valuable rounds of all, and it makes them particularly exciting to deal with.

Field of Green 2 is a simple slot game that’s very much like the first one in the series. The slot comes with some fun features, but overall it’s pretty standard. You have multiplier wilds, you have nice looking symbols and you get a good solid bonus round. If that sounds good to you, this slot is probably a good fit.